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Overhead image of the hobo foil packets with ketchup on the side

What is a hobo pack?

Hobo foil packets have always been second nature to me; we had them all the time growing up! With a dad and two brothers that were very into Boy Scouts and camping, we enjoyed hobo packs often. Essentially a hobo pack is a捆绑的剪切成份在铝箔中包裹并煮熟在篝火的煤炭上克ydF4y2Ba. 我们非常喜欢它们,甚至在不露营的时候都会吃!克ydF4y2Ba

大多数Hobo包装将碎牛肉,土豆,胡萝卜和整个番茄酱联合起来。我对那些典型的数据包的扭曲是克ydF4y2Bareplace the ground beef with sausage由于越来越多的次牛肉结束了几乎不可能(或者需要至少有一半的番茄酱容器以使其失望!)。在箔包装中,碎牛肉通常使其变硬,耐嚼和近无味。克ydF4y2Ba

We’ve found that replacing it with sausage still gets you all the flavors of traditional foil packs with loads more flavor and a great texture. Plus, the sausage also goes with lots of ketchup — a much have topping


Hobo foil packets ingredients


  • Sausage:we use熏制克ydF4y2Basausage在这些包里。我们使用熏制香肠来确保香肠能够及时煮熟(因为技术上来说,香肠只需要加热就可以了),而且不会让剩下的成分过于油腻。普通的香肠搭配起来就有点棘手了,而且,和绞牛肉一样,它的质地也很奇怪。克ydF4y2Ba
  • 育空金克ydF4y2Ba土豆克ydF4y2Ba:我喜欢在这些流浪汉中使用Yukon Gold(有时只是被称为黄金或黄土豆) - 他们有一个美味的黄油味。你可以剥土包,但果皮在育空金中如此精致,我不打扰剥皮。这些土豆的重要事项是确保它们切成薄薄;金沙城中心网址克ydF4y2Ba1/8英寸厚克ydF4y2Ba.Use a曼陀林切片机克ydF4y2Bafor quick prep here!
  • 萝卜克ydF4y2Ba:这里用全胡萝卜,同样不需要去皮(皮里有很多味道和营养成分),只要把它们洗干净就行了。把这些切成薄片,把大圆切成两半。克ydF4y2Ba
  • Yellowonion:the onion also needs to be very thinly sliced. Again, a mandoline slicer makes this quick and easy!


As far as the seasonings go, we’re keeping it simple while adding delicious flavor to these hobo foil packets. Here’s what we use:

  • 意大利人克ydF4y2Ba调味料克ydF4y2Ba
  • 干燥的克ydF4y2Babasil
  • 干燥的克ydF4y2Ba西芹克ydF4y2Ba
  • Paprika
  • 干燥的克ydF4y2Ba百里香克ydF4y2Ba
  • 盐克ydF4y2Baand胡椒克ydF4y2Ba:总是添加个人口味偏好,但快速眼动ember, if the meal feels like it’s lacking or dull, it may be as simple a fix as adding a bit more salt and pepper!

Process shots-- images of all the ingredients being added to a large bowl, seasonings being added, and everything being combined and put in foil and wrapped together


If you’re familiar with hobo foil packets, you know they basically require loads and loads of ketchup

番茄酱克ydF4y2Ba是我们最喜欢的顶部,它与所有成分相得益彰。我强烈推荐Heniz Ketchup(未得到赞助),以获得最好的味道。克ydF4y2Ba

If you aren’t a fan of ketchup, you could try one of these alternatives:

  • Freshly grated extra sharpcheddarcheese(I recommend avoid pre-shredded, it has a tendency to resist melting in these foil packs and makes the potatoes greasy)
  • 新鲜的香草克ydF4y2Ba例如百里香或意大利欧芹克ydF4y2Ba
  • BBQ sauce是另一种很好的调味汁;我推荐一种简单的烧烤酱。克ydF4y2Ba


  1. 撕下4条克ydF4y2Baheavy责任克ydF4y2Bafoil,每个大约2英尺长。金莎城赌城网站克ydF4y2Ba
  2. Separate the seasoned potato, carrot, onion, and sausage mixequally into the center of each square of foil.
  3. 要密封箔纸包,带上克ydF4y2Bashort sides together in the middle轻轻地向下折叠以完全密封。那么,克ydF4y2Baroll up the ends.克ydF4y2Ba
  4. 箔包是克ydF4y2Ba准备好烹饪克ydF4y2Ba!克ydF4y2Ba

Overhead image of the hobo foil pack with a fork in it ready to be eaten

Hobo Packet Tips

  • 把铝箔包封紧克ydF4y2Ba.由于需要翻转这些包,因此请确保密封件好且紧密,因此液体不会渗出 - 它们会燃烧并金沙城中心网址在没有这种液体的情况下燃烧得多。克ydF4y2Ba
  • Useheavy duty foilfor best results on the grill. There is no need to double-wrap these packets in multiple layers of foil (and if you do, they will take longer to cook).
  • 时间因时间而异克ydF4y2Baon actual size of veggies and actual heat of coals/oven/grill, so when checking for doneness,only check one packet at a time.Remember, every-time you open a packet to check, it releases all the steam and will take an extra couple of minutes to cook through in comparison to the other packets cooking.
  • Campfire cooking是最难估计的时间,因为有太多不同的因素(煤的热量,煮多少包,外面的温度等),我建议检查一个流浪汉箔包在20分钟,但要准备好,他们可能需要40-45分钟才能完成(如果要花更长的时间,煤就不够热)。克ydF4y2Ba
  • Transfer the cooked meal to a plate or another layer of foil before eating; once cooked, the foil gets pretty charred and flimsy — it won’t hold up well to eating.
  • Foil:如果闪亮或沉闷的一面触摸食物并不重要;没什么金沙城中心网址区别。(克ydF4y2BaSource)克ydF4y2Ba


Yes! Prepare hobo foil packets according to the directions and seal up the packets. Throw them in the cooler and they’ll be ready to go when it’s time to throw them on a grill or coals over a campfire. I don’t recommend making these more than a day in advance. I also don’t recommend freezing pre-assembled foil packs.

More campfire meals:



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课程克ydF4y2Ba 晚餐克ydF4y2Ba
美食克ydF4y2Ba American
关键词克ydF4y2Ba 流浪汉箔包克ydF4y2Ba
准备时间克ydF4y2Ba 25.克ydF4y2Baminutes
烹饪时间克ydF4y2Ba 30.克ydF4y2Baminutes
总时间克ydF4y2Ba 55.克ydF4y2Baminutes
一份克ydF4y2Ba 4克ydF4y2Ba铝箔包克ydF4y2Ba
卡路里克ydF4y2Ba 530.克ydF4y2Bakcal
Cost $6.92


  • 1克ydF4y2Ba包装(14盎司; 392g)克ydF4y2Ba熏制beef and pork sausage,cut into coins
  • 三克ydF4y2Ba杯(435g)克ydF4y2Ba育空金土豆片克ydF4y2Ba
  • 2克ydF4y2Bacups (3-4 large; 221g)薄ly sliced carrots
  • 1克ydF4y2Ba大(223g)克ydF4y2Ba切成薄片的黄色洋葱克ydF4y2Ba
  • 2克ydF4y2Ba汤匙克ydF4y2Ba橄榄油克ydF4y2Ba
  • 1克ydF4y2Ba茶匙每茶匙:克ydF4y2Ba意大利人调味料,dried basil, dried parsley
  • 1/2teaspoon蒜粉克ydF4y2Ba
  • 1克ydF4y2Bateaspoon辣椒克ydF4y2Ba
  • 1/4teaspoondried thyme
  • 4克ydF4y2Ba汤匙克ydF4y2Ba无盐黄油,克ydF4y2Ba分开克ydF4y2Ba
  • 搭配:番茄酱、新鲜香草(可选)克ydF4y2Ba


  • PREP:If you are using the oven, preheat it to 400 degrees F. If grilling, prepare the grill by heating to medium-high heat (425-450 degrees F.) Tear off four sheets of heavy-duty foil and lightly spritz with cooking spray. If you aren't going to be doing this meal in foil packs(见注1)克ydF4y2Ba),用羊皮纸排出一块大片平底锅并搁置。克ydF4y2Ba
  • PREPVEGGIES:把香肠切成硬币。把土豆切成薄片,大约1/8英寸厚。把胡萝卜切成薄片,把大的胡萝卜硬币切成两半。把黄洋葱切成薄片。金莎城赌城网站把香肠、土豆、胡萝卜和洋葱放到一个大碗里。克ydF4y2Ba
  • 季节克ydF4y2Ba:Drizzle in 2 tablespoons of oil and all of the seasonings (Italian seasoning, dried basil, dried parsley, garlic powder, paprika, dried thyme, and salt and pepper). Add salt and pepper to personal preference( I add 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper). Toss everything together until well combined.
  • 分开克ydF4y2Ba:将混合物均匀地分在四张准备好的箔纸上。把黄油切成1汤匙的小块,每汤匙切成4小块。在锡箔纸包装中加入四片黄油(每包锡箔纸1汤匙)。密封铝箔包装,使没有空气泄漏,但不要双重包装铝箔(只有一张铝箔每包或烹调时间将关闭)。要密封铝箔包,把中间的短边放在一起,轻轻向下折叠,以完全密封。然后,把两端卷起来。克ydF4y2Ba
  • 厨师克ydF4y2Ba:烤20-30分钟或直到蔬菜变软(在中间点翻转铝箔包)。要烤箔包,把箔包放在平底锅上烤30-35分钟,或者直到蔬菜变软。篝火:加入热煤,煮20-30分钟。请注意,根据实际的煤温度、切蔬菜的实际厚度、外部温度、煤上有多少箔包等,它们可能需要40-45分钟。在煤上烹饪这些有很大的差异。克ydF4y2Ba
  • 装饰克ydF4y2Ba:小心地打开箔包,等待蒸汽释放。如果需要的话,可以用新鲜的香草(我们喜欢新鲜的百里香)装饰,然后淋上番茄酱或放在旁边。克ydF4y2Ba



  • Stovetop (no foil):Place the entire mixture into a large Dutch oven (or half of the mixture into a large skillet) over medium-high heat. Stir occasionally until the veggies are crisp tender (about 12-15 minutes), adding in additional olive oil as needed. Lower the heat if anything is burning or browning too much.
  • Oven (no foil):Line an extra-large sheet pan (15 x 21 inches) with parchment paper. Pour the entire mixture onto it and bake at 425 degrees F for about 30-35 minutes, turning the ingredients at the halfway mark.
  • 烤箱(铝箔包)克ydF4y2Ba:将混合物均匀地分成四片重型箔并包裹它们,使箔完全密封。Place the foil-wrapped packets on a sheet pan and bake for 30-40 minutes. The time really depends on your preference — at 30-35 minutes everything should becrisp tender并煮熟。对于非常柔和的蔬菜,将它们留在38-40分钟内。克ydF4y2Ba
  • Grill (foil packs):将混合物均匀地分成四片重型箔并包裹它们,使箔完全密封。放在预热的烤架上(中高温;〜450度)和烤架20-25分钟。通过烧烤过程翻转一次。克ydF4y2Ba
  • 营火(铝箔包装)克ydF4y2Ba:将混合物均匀地分为四片重负荷箔材,并将其包裹起来,使箔材完全密封。在篝火的热煤中煮箔包,直到土豆变软,大约20-40分钟,每5分钟翻一次,这取决于煤的热量。我们发现这些用热煤煮了大约20分钟。金莎城赌城网站克ydF4y2Ba

Nutrition Facts

Serving:4克ydF4y2Baservings |克ydF4y2Ba 卡路里:克ydF4y2Ba530.克ydF4y2Bakcal |克ydF4y2Ba 碳水化合物:克ydF4y2Ba27.6克ydF4y2Ba克克ydF4y2Ba |克ydF4y2Ba Protein:12。4克ydF4y2Ba克克ydF4y2Ba |克ydF4y2Ba 脂肪:克ydF4y2Ba42.3克ydF4y2Ba克克ydF4y2Ba |克ydF4y2Ba Cholesterol:91.8克ydF4y2Bamg |克ydF4y2Ba 钠:克ydF4y2Ba659.4mg |克ydF4y2Ba Fiber:5.3克ydF4y2Ba克克ydF4y2Ba |克ydF4y2Ba Sugar:6克ydF4y2Ba克克ydF4y2Ba

We do our best to provide accurate nutritional analysis for our recipes. Our nutritional data is calculated using a third-party algorithm and may vary, based on individual cooking styles, measurements, and ingredient sizes. Please use this information for comparison purposes and consult a health professional for nutrition guidance as needed.


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  1. 5颗星克ydF4y2Ba
    What a great idea. I never thought to use sausage instead of a hamburger. We love to make these for camping and the sausage would be so much easier with less mess. Doing this for our next camping trip for sure.

  2. 5颗星克ydF4y2Ba

  3. 5颗星克ydF4y2Ba
    I made this for my family last night and it was a huge hit! So much flavor, the kids didn’t even want ketchup and they even ate all the veggies! Will be adding this to the rotation – thanks so much!!!

  4. 5颗星克ydF4y2Ba
    What a great idea using sausage. When we do foil dinners, we use a cabbage leaf, put everything in it & another leaf on top. The cabbage keeps everything inside from burning. Then wrap in heavy duty foil. Another tip on hamburger is to buy 80/ 20 instead of lean. If you have lean , then add 1/2 strip of bacon. The cabbage also gives it great flavor.

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