Sausage Potato Soup

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Cheesy, creamy, and comfortingSausagePotatoSoup装满了意大利香肠,金婴儿土豆,蔬菜和俗气的奶油基地。试试我的着名芝士汉堡汤!GydF4y2Ba

This hearty soup pairs perfectly with a lighter side dish like a salad. Try this意大利沙拉GydF4y2Ba那GydF4y2Ba冬季水果沙拉GydF4y2Ba那或者GydF4y2Baroasted veggie salad在一边。GydF4y2Ba


If you’ve ever heard of cheeseburger soup, this cheesy Sausage Potato Soup is my interpretation of that! Typical cheeseburger soup has ground beef and lots of Velveeta® cheese, so I changed up a few things; I use freshly grated, sharp Cheddar and spicy Italian sausage instead. And while I’ll never turn down this cheese-packedburger recipe,我可能会在寒冷的温度下挑选这个汤。GydF4y2Ba

While there is a bit of prep involved and a good amount of chopping, this soup comes together nicely. To save some prep time, you can buy pre-chopped mirepoix (chopped onions, celery, and carrots) at most grocery stores. You can also use pre-minced garlic and leave the peels on the potatoes (I always do!). With those few shortcuts, this soup will come together even faster.

以下是图像形式的快速概述;请务必查看快速视频(1分钟,11秒),看看Spusage Potato Soup如何携带多么容易。享受!GydF4y2Ba

Process shots-- images of Sausage Potato Soup being made, showing the meat being cooked; veggies being cooked; and other ingredients being added and mixed together.

How to make Sausage Potato Soup

在上面的照片中,我分解的步骤r making this sausage potato soup in picture form, and below is a description of what’s happening in each of the numbered photos.

  1. Brown the sausage; use热的GydF4y2Ba或者GydF4y2Ba温和的GydF4y2BaItalian sausage(无论你喜欢哪一个)。GydF4y2BaTransfer sausage to a paper towel-lined plate to drain off the grease.
  2. Next, sauté the onions, celery, and carrots (they don’t get much more tender throughout the cooking process, so don’t rush ’em). Dice all three veggies intosmall, even sizes所以他们会很快烹饪并融入汤中。GydF4y2Ba
  3. Celery, carrots, and onion are nice and tender!
  4. Dice the baby gold potatoes. I definitely recommendYukon gold or baby gold potatoes;they taste the best in this soup! Cut the potatoes into evenly small, bite-sized pieces as shown in this picture.
  5. Add potatoes and the seasonings.
  6. Add chicken stock or broth (we likechicken stockbest).
  7. While the soup is simmering, prepare a roux and then cream mixture in a separate pot and grate some Cheddar cheese. Pour the cream mixture into the soup and then add the Cheddar cheese. Stir in the sour cream, taste and调整GydF4y2Baseasonings as needed.金沙城中心网址确保使用GydF4y2Bafreshly grated Cheddarso you don’t get a waxy Sausage Potato Soup (pre-grated cheese has a cellulose coating to keep it from clumping together).


For an extra layer of yumminess, use a hot cast iron skillet to brown the sausage, and don’t over-stir or over crumble the meat — you want it to get browned to develop layers of flavor.

Up-close image of Sausage Potato Soup in a bowl, ready to eat.

Sausage Potato Soup notes

  1. 不是热的粉丝GydF4y2Ba? Use mild sausage instead! Even with the spicy sausage, I would say this is not a very spicy soup at all, but I recognize there are differing levels of spice tolerance. You be you.
  2. Use low fat milk.We tried this soup with whole milk, and it was a tad too rich. Our favorite in testing was1% milk。I do not recommend using skim milk or milk alternatives (like soy, almond, rice, etc.), as those milks will mess with flavor and consistency.
  3. Freezing:香肠土豆汤不会很好地冻结,因为它的所有乳制品。如果你担心太多了,我建议将食谱减半。金莎城赌城网站GydF4y2Ba
  4. 重新加热这一点GydF4y2Ba汤GydF4y2Ba:我建议在低温下在炉灶上再加热这汤,经常搅拌。(沸腾可能会导致成分分开。)这种汤最好在1-3天内使用。更多的GydF4y2Ba这里的信息GydF4y2Ba。GydF4y2Ba
  5. 金沙城中心网址使这个香肠薯汤汤素食主义者。GydF4y2BaSwap out the chicken stock for vegetable stock (or broth) and replace the sausage with Beyond Meat® crumbles (or similar brand) or omit the meat entirely.

Side dishes to serve with Sausage Potato Soup

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Sausage Potato Soup

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Sausage Potato Soup

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课程GydF4y2Ba Dinner, Main Course, Soup
菜肴GydF4y2Ba American
Keyword 香肠土豆汤GydF4y2Ba
Prep Time 25.GydF4y2Baminutes
厨师时间GydF4y2Ba 3.0.GydF4y2Baminutes
Total Time 5.5.GydF4y2Baminutes
祭品GydF4y2Ba 6.GydF4y2Ba-8.servings
Calories 5.3.3.GydF4y2Bakcal
Cost $5.81


  • 1GydF4y2Ba磅GydF4y2Ba辣的意大利香肠GydF4y2Ba(can use mild)
  • 5.GydF4y2Batablespoons无盐的黄油,GydF4y2Ba分为GydF4y2Ba
  • 1GydF4y2Batablespoon橄榄油GydF4y2Ba
  • 2和1/4GydF4y2Ba杯GydF4y2Bamirepoix:3/4杯切块胡萝卜,3/4杯切割芹菜,3/4杯切成黄洋葱GydF4y2Ba
  • 2GydF4y2BaclovesGarlic,minced
  • 4.GydF4y2Ba杯GydF4y2Bachopped baby gold potatoes
  • 1GydF4y2Ba茶匙EACH:干罗勒,干欧芹薄片GydF4y2Ba
  • 4.GydF4y2Ba杯GydF4y2Bachicken stock(or chicken broth)
  • 1/4GydF4y2Bacup + 2 tablespoonsall-purpose flour
  • 3.GydF4y2Ba杯GydF4y2Ba1% milk
  • 1/2GydF4y2Bacupheavy cream
  • 1GydF4y2Ba茶匙GydF4y2Basalt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 2GydF4y2Ba杯GydF4y2Bafreshly grated Colby Jack or extra-sharp Cheddar cheese
  • 1/4GydF4y2Bacup酸奶油GydF4y2Ba(fat free is great)


  • 香肠:GydF4y2BaLine a large plate with paper towels and set aside. Heata very large pot (I recommend cast iron), over medium-high heat. Once hot, add in the sausage. Let stand without touching for 30 seconds to a minute. Then stir and chop the meat until you have sausage crumbles. Transfer to prepared plate and drain off any grease except for 1 tablespoon. If there is no grease, add 1 tablespoon olive oil to the pot.
  • 蔬菜:GydF4y2Ba用1汤匙香肠gr在同一锅ease or olive oil, melt 1 tablespoon of the butter. Add the diced carrots, celery and onion and sauté 5-7 minutes or until tender (if not diced small, you may need 7-10 minutes). Add garlic and sauté 30 seconds more.
  • POTATOES AND SEASONING:Stir in the chopped potatoes, dried basil, dried parsley, salt and pepper to taste (I add 1 teaspoon fine sea salt and 1/2 teaspoon freshly cracked pepper, but add to preference and don't forget to taste and adjust at the end!). Stir. Add in chicken stock or broth. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, then reduce heat to medium, cover with lid and cook 15-20 minutes or until the potatoes are fork tender (easily pierced with a fork).
  • CREAM SAUCE:Meanwhile, melt remaining 4 tablespoons butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour and cook, whisking constantly, for 1 minute. While whisking vigorously, slowly pour in milk (whisk well until smooth). Cook, stirring constantly, until mixture begins to gently boil and thicken; stir in the heavy cream.
  • FINISHING:从热量中移除酱汁,一旦所有汤蔬菜都是嫩,将牛奶/奶油混合物倒入汤中并搅拌。较低的热量低至切碎的奶酪中搅拌。加热直到奶酪融化。搅拌酸奶霜,将香肠送回汤和季节用盐和胡椒味。用新鲜切碎的欧芹或百里香和面包服务。GydF4y2Ba


Nutrition Facts

Serving:8.GydF4y2Baservings |GydF4y2Ba Calories:5.3.3.GydF4y2Bakcal |GydF4y2Ba 碳水化合物:GydF4y2Ba23.。8.GydF4y2BaGGydF4y2Ba |GydF4y2Ba 蛋白质:GydF4y2Ba18.。7GGydF4y2Ba |GydF4y2Ba 胖的:GydF4y2Ba4.1GydF4y2BaGGydF4y2Ba |GydF4y2Ba Cholesterol:110.。6.GydF4y2Bamg |GydF4y2Ba 钠:GydF4y2Ba6.3.5.GydF4y2Bamg |GydF4y2Ba Fiber:2。3.GydF4y2BaGGydF4y2Ba |GydF4y2Ba 糖:GydF4y2Ba6.8GydF4y2BaGGydF4y2Ba



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  1. 5星GydF4y2Ba

    1. So happy to hear it was a hit And glad you liked the hot italian sausage in it! Both sound like great changes for the future. Thanks Shannon!

  2. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    My husband and I loved this soup! I made the recipe as directed, but also added some frozen broccoli and cauliflower when the potatoes were almost done before adding the cream sauce. Love your recipes, Chelsea! Your site is my go-to for new recipes.

    1. 耶!!So happy to hear you both enjoyed the soup The broccoli and cauliflower addition sounds delicious! And thank you so much for saying that, it makes my day! Hope you love whatever you try next <3

  3. 我们今晚要去试试这个!问题:t附近he top of the printable recipe card it says 4-6 servings; but the nutrition information below that says 8 servings. Which is correct? Both say 533 calories per serving. Thanks!

    1. Hope you loved it! And sorry about that Gretchen! It’s 6-8 servings; it’s a very filling soup

      1. That soup was amazing! The whole family loved it. We will definitely make it again! Made it exactly as written.

  4. It calls for two cloves of garlic minced in the ingredients list but I can’t find where it goes in on the recipe

  5. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    I could be blind as a bat, but I don’t see anywhere in your recipe, when you add the sausage back? After boiling the potatoes or with? Thanks

  6. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    My family and I loved this delicious soup! So full of flavor! It was a big hit, and I’ll definitely make it again. I look forward to trying other recipes of yours. Thanks for a great addition to our meal rotation.

  7. I made this vegan style and it was a hit! Still full of flavor and had great consistency! Thank you for sharing this recipe, it’s a keeper!

    1. yayy !!我很高兴它变得美味!我很想听到你所做的潜艇!谢谢你的评论!GydF4y2Ba

  8. 5星GydF4y2Ba

      1. If I make the soup Saras way omitting the heavy cream & sour cream, then could it be frozen?
        Will all soups containing dairy become grainy when thawed?

        1. 我从未成功过冷冻乳制品汤;它总是在解冻时转身或只是有点“关”。我也认为,当冷冻和解冻时,汤与很多煮熟的蔬菜也不是好的。GydF4y2Ba

  9. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    Absolutely delicious! Didn’t change a thing. Even my husband who always gripes about soup “not being a meal” LOVED IT! Thank you!

  10. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    Made this tonight and it was fabulous! Had to guess when to add the sausage back in (should’ve read the comments, lol), but suspect it’s not that critical. Will definitely tag this as a keeper!

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  12. 5星GydF4y2Ba

  13. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    We made this last night because we had all the stuff or good substitutions. Used whole milk and evaporated milk instead of heavy cream since it was all we had. Added broccoli that needed to be used up.


  14. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    I have just finished making this and having tasted it I have to say “wow!” Thank you. I was searching for a recipe to use up ingredients I had in my fridge. The key ingredient I didn’t have was sausage mince – but I did have actual sausages in my freezer, so I cooked them whole as the first step, then browned the mirepoix in the oil from the sausages and a dab of butter. I let the sausages cool a bit while this was sautéing, then cut them up into small pieces and mixed them back in. Wonderful smokey flavour to the soup. I’m looking forward to having it for dinner tonight. I bought some crusty bread to go with it but I don’t think I will be able to eat a bite of that – the soup tastes rich enough that I think a side will be a bridge too far for me!

    1. 我很高兴你花了时间写这篇点评点我看来!很高兴你喜欢它!非常感谢您的评论!GydF4y2Ba

  15. 哦,男人,这汤绝对美味。我很多次。这是我丈夫最喜欢的汤食谱。如果你还没有尝试过,那绝对是必须的!这是今晚晚餐的内容!谢谢你分享切尔西GydF4y2Ba

    1. 很高兴你喜欢它!不幸的是,这种汤不会因为它的所有乳制品而冻结得很好;它会分开并变得颗粒状。GydF4y2Ba

  16. 昨晚制作了这个真的很好!!!我的屠杀是出于意大利香肠,所以用来那里的房子制作了Chorizo​​香肠,增加了一些西兰花,因为我有一些和白色的cheddar.winner winner ..谢谢你!!!GydF4y2Ba

  17. 5星GydF4y2Ba

    1. So happy you were able to make it work with what you had Thanks so much for the comment and review!

  18. 5星GydF4y2Ba

  19. Hi Chelsea!

    1. 耶!!So thrilled to hear that! Thank you Tracy! I haven’t actually ever tried beyond meat, so I’m not really not sure what it tastes like, but I do think this soup is very forgiving so it should work. Wish I could be of more help!

  20. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    Made this soup this afternoon for my granddaughters and it is excellent. Didn’t change a thing!!

  21. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    Your sense of quality and style not only goes with the recipes but with your excellent use of the camera! Appreciate your hard work

  22. 5星GydF4y2Ba

  23. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    I made this! Everyone loved it. I went ahead and cut up and from the vegetables to make 2 more batches.

  24. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    Ive made this a few times now, ive used less dairy and lactose free for my son and husband but we love love love it. My toddler cant get enough of it

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately with all the dairy in this soup it’s not a great candidate for freezing (it turns grainy)

  25. 5星GydF4y2Ba
    This soup is delicious! Easy to make as I had all ingredients at my fingertips ready to go. I did not have 1% milk so I used whole milk and the consistency is fine for my family. Pair with a multigrain baguette. Yum!

  26. 5星GydF4y2Ba

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